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 Jessica Robinson  


 Hello From sunny England!

Jessica here, a 28years old minx

I don’t set out to be a trailblazer, some lovely people have said I am, and I’m humbled that people think that – the truth is I am myself, yes I’m different than most trans girls in that I’m not remotely embarrassed, or guilty about who I am. Having this side is empowering, women are powerful – it’s not sissy, or degrading, it’s power!

All my friends know who I am, they’re more than accepting – they just don’t have an issue with it in the slightest, as they love me – if your friends love you, they should love you for who you are, not for who you aren’t.

People ask why am I trans, why am I different? The age-old question, too many people want to analyze every little detail and put people into boxes, try this with me, you have no chance, as I don't understand why I am, who I am personally! I think I was born this way – but we all say that?

It's not always been so easy, so now why not enjoy and embrace who I am? This is exactly my attitude and I wear ‘girls clothes’ everyday now, with makeup, I have naturally long hair. If you want to try understanding it, think half boy half girl - at different times or sometimes just an amalgamation of both together!

When I’m in my everyday wear it’s more of an expression, I’m not worried about looking like a woman – when I am dolled up to the nines I am, and also very critical of myself. I think I am slowly but surely finding a lovely middle ground.

I don’t become a different person when I dress up – just the same person who is expressing their self differently. It’s all about being natural to me, even when I’m dressed up to the nines, and feel sexy – I still don’t like over the top, girl next door is what gets bandied about a lot, but maybe this suits me best?

My interests apart from the obvious are that I am utterly obsessed with music, especially funk, soul, disco, house music and techno, and I’m an artist – a freelance illustrator to be exact!

Thanks so much to Rachel for letting me appear here, and tell a little of my world.

Jess x

Click on Jessica’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.