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 Jodie Dawson  


So I guess I started acknowledging my feminine side when I was about 5 or 6. Trying my mum’s tights n heels on. Something any kid would do regardless of their gender? But between then and when I was 7 my female cousin would sometimes visit and we’d swap clothes. Felt perfectly natural to me?

Into my early twenties and believing I was bad or wrong to feel this way and getting married, dressing whilst still there was very much hidden and rare and many purges later I found myself ten years ago getting fed up of feeling bad about feeing good. To say my wife does not like this side of me is an understatement. So we agree to differ.

The last ten years I as Jodie, dressed mostly in hotel rooms but in 2014 I went out dressed for the first time. Then it all changed. I now feel much happier in myself and whilst work and live still in male mode I’ve been to Sparkle in Manchester twice now and get to Pink Punters in Milton Keynes when I can. However I also love going out for a meal or a social drink locally as me too. Me being Jodie. By being out in the community and being ’normal’ respectful and well-dressed I believe it helps strengthen a positive perception for T-girls everywhere. Plus it’s fun for me :)

I write a blog called Jodie’s Page ( and I do what I can to evangelise the Trans* cause which at heart I believe is simply about human rights.

Jodie xx

Click on Jodie’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.  You can also click here to go to her Facebook page.