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 Julie Gee  


I am in my 60’s and have been dressing for most of my life, starting as everybody does I guess with my mother’s clothes. She had a yellow dress in the 1960’s which I coveted. She caught me one day and made me promise not to do it again, I promised. It lasted about two weeks.

I have only purged once, when I got married first time and thought I didn’t need to dress any more. That didn’t last long either.  That marriage failed, not due to my dressing, and in the wilderness years I dressed regularly but not very convincingly. I remarried, came out to my wife about 5 years later, she was not happy but she does tolerate it, has no desire to be any part of it. I continued to dress with limited clothes and very inexpert make up for years after.  I had a break for about two years in the 1990’s when it didn’t seem necessary.

I started again and about five years ago went to a dressing service. I was amazed at the transformation and it was the start of a period of buying clothes almost on a monthly basis and visiting more dressing services.

I didn’t really have the confidence to go out except at night but have since had a few trips out during the day.

My favoured look is the elegant stylish woman; I particularly like 1950’s fashions when women were much more stylish and elegant. I have bought a lot of retro underwear from What Katie Did, a UK manufacturer (in India if truth be told).

I have no desire to become a woman and I am not interested in men.

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Lingerie-Julie Gee

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