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 Julie Leigh

Click on Julie’s portrait below to go to her Flickr  page.  You can click here to go to her Facebook page.


  Hi, My name is Julie Leigh.

I’m 35 year old, married, and a part time crossdresser. I too, like, many other crossdressers started dressing when I was young. My first memory of crossdressing was when I was around 8 or 10 years old. I have always had a fascination with high heel shoes. I just absolutely love high heels! One day I got into my mother’s closet without her knowing and tried on the highest pair of heels she had. They were black suede pumps that had a three and a half inch heel with a gold trim around the toe. I wish I still had those shoes today.

From that point on I was hooked and wanted to continue exploring my new found side of me. As I continued to wear my mom’s heels from time to time, I was getting intrigued by what else I could find to wear with the heels. Knowing that most women would wear pantyhose with heels I started looking for where my mom kept hers. Once I found them and selected a pair of silky smooth hose I put them on and OMG the feeling that I got was indescribable! All of you girls know exactly the feeling I am talking about. I still get that same feeling today when I am slipping into a pair of pantyhose. Over time, I continue to explore, grow, learn, and evolve into the crossdresser I am today.

Crossdressing for me is a way to relax and distress from the hectic work life that I have. When I am in girl mode I forget about all of the stresses of work and projects that I am working on and just really enjoy life and have fun. My favorite times to dress are when I have the chance to be able to go out with some of my local friends to our local trans friendly club. I am close enough to Washington D.C. to be able to meet up with other friends for events or go to some of the clubs and hangout spots there too. There is also the rare occasion that I get the chance to go shopping en femme. Rarely, have I ever gone out in public by myself. I always go out with someone I know and trust. I am always cautious when I am out en femme. 

The most exciting time I have ever been out was when one of my close friends invited me to The Keystone Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was really the first time I have ever had the chance to dress for multiple days in a row and really enjoy being en femme to the fullest. Having makeovers done there each day by Amy from ‘Just You’ Las Vegas and Elizabeth Taylor from Washington D.C. It really took me to the next level of confidence. Being around so many other people just like myself had really opened up my eyes and helped me realize that I was not alone. I got to meet so many people and make some really close friendships that I still have today and will continue to have long into the future.