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 Julie Simms  


Well, there's not much to tell since Julie is such a recluse.. she's never been out, no one has ever seen her in person, and if they did, I'm pretty sure they would never know who she was when she's not in tgirl mode.

Typical "lifelong" CD story, I can vividly remember when I was four or five, climbing into a beautiful layered red chiffon / nylon nightgown my mother left on the floor, and feeling absolutely wonderful. After that, I tried on anything I could get my hands on. I eventually got caught of course, and even a severe reprimand could not quell my deep fascination with all things feminine and pretty. If anything, this made it grow stronger.

So I grew up thinking I was a total freak of nature with a deep, dark, shameful-yet-thrilling secret which I kept well hidden from the world. And other than flickr and a few other sites, I've, for the most part, stayed that way. The main reason for this, imo, is that even in this age of trans acceptance, "intergender tourism" as I call it,  is still frowned upon, can be used against you, and can change the way people view you. IOW, you may get defined by it, and it changes the way people see your "normal" side.



I stumbled on the concept of "InterGender Tourism" when I observed how so many of us describe our cd experiences as "exciting", "thrilling", or "invigorating"... much like how people describe vacation trips. Then it struck me that genetic females, or full time trans women, much like the natives who live in the places we might be thrilled to travel to, are used to their environment and might not share in, or may even be confused by our enthusiasm.



I'm a DIY t-girl, actually I pretty much diy everything, I fix my own cars when possible and reno my house if I can.. which I can't much since I wore out the 'ol back disks doing so much physical labor. But wearing a corset actually provides some relief for that odd as it may seem. 

I do my own makeup, lighting, photography, wardrobe, and accessories. IOW, I am tired! I also feel like I've reached the limit of what I can accomplish without help. So I'm taking another extended hiatus as I have many times in the past. As I said on flickr, could be a week, could be a year, but it's already been over a week and the last one was closer to a decade, so who knows?

I've been in contact with a few other T-girls lately and even if I never get back to the femulating, as I call it, as I would love to help someone else look and feel as fabulous as I can, maybe even getting some pretty pictures in the process. There's nothing quite like seeing yourself looking fabulous in a photo. Having others express their appreciation for your efforts online made me feel like part of a warm and accepting community, and if I can help others experience even a fraction of that wonderfulness in their lives, I can die happy.

Click on Julie’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.