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I go by Kacey and I've been interested in wearing women's clothes since I was 10. I'm now in my mid 50s, unmarried with no children. My cross dressing has been a long, winding journey of discovery and revelation, from the early days of locking myself in the bathroom and trying on my twin sister's panties to the present where I dress in panties and women's black denim mixed with guy's polo shirts for daily work wear. Since I live alone I can relax in whatever I choose, which most times consists of leggings or skirts and dresses, depending on the season.

I've come out to some of my close friends and my sister in the last decade, and in the late 90s ventured out dressed quite a few times to support group gatherings and SF Conventions, but for the most part I'm a stay at home dresser that has come to terms with being wired differently than most other 'mundanes' as I like to characterize those other folks who belong to a narrower portion of the gender spectrum.
I'm fortunate to have very sparse hair on my legs and none at all on my chest or back. I've been shaving my legs to remove what little is there and my underarms for well over 10 years now. Prior to that I had a mustache and grew a goatee from time to time, but when I decided to go out fully dressed and made up for the first time in the late 90s the facial hair went as well. I've been thinning my eyebrows to various degrees since then too.

Eight years ago I got my ears pierced so I could take advantage of all the larger variety of styles of earrings available instead of using those awful clip-ons!

I don't want to do hormones and don't feel compelled to have electrolysis to permanently remove my facial hair.

Lately I've developed a keen interest in tight fitting minidresses and other items of women's apparel with a high spandex content. Wearing clothing like this provides me with the motivation to be careful of what and how much I eat so as to keep my weight under control. It seems to be working for the most part, as my images on flickr can attest.

Click on Kacey’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.


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