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 Kandie West  


I am cross dresser who is married to a beautiful woman that enjoys our times together as girlfriends.

Let me start by saying I started experimenting with trying on girly clothes at a young age but was always embarrassed and hiding my feminine side!

After I got married I figured I could stop everything and get on with life. It didn't happen I soon found myself trying on some of her clothes when she was not around. 


I confessed to my wife several years ago that I was a cross dresser and dreaded what might happen to my marriage. It took about 4 years of her struggling with the shock and trying to figure out if she I really knew me.

Then one day after much research, long talks together and going at her pace on experimenting with makeovers at home she decided I was still the same person that she thought she married the only difference was we had a secret that nobody else in our world knew about. 

The fun started after that we learned how to play together and she opened up to realizing that she enjoyed getting out of the rut of life allowing us to live and play together how ever we wanted and have the best of both worlds!

My wife now tries to get me to do more things totally female just to see how far she can push me. She loves to hear people address us as ladies when we are out in public.

I enjoy dressing up in fashionable outfits, I also spend time wearing jean skirts and casual tops, it depends on where I am going as to what I wear. I try to dress in what I think will allow me to pass as a girl without drawing unneeded attention to myself.

I am interested in hearing from you with comments and pointers on how to improve my (female) appearance I am on a new diet, working to improve my makeup and learning to walk and talk more feminine. 

I am not interested in seeing tasteless pictures, porno shots. I will block you if that is what you post. I enjoy see true feminine beauty and how you can express it and I admire how each of you are strong enough to accept who you are and have fun doing what we do!!!! 

Update June 2015

So after years of Rodeo, horse training and working out to stay bulked up to remain competitive I decided to retire and pursue some quite time and become a better girlfriend to my wife. We plan to travel and go out more this year. I hope to show more of my feminine side, lose weight and tell my story.

Click on Kandie’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.