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 Katerina Hellam  

Click on Katerina’s portrait below to go to her Facebook  page.  You can click here to go to her blog “Adventures In TG Fiction”.


I am a crossdresser and a TG Fiction author who has been writing transgender stories for over thirteen years now. As with most crossdressers I started dressing in my mother’s clothes whilst she was out in my early teens. I guess the thing that kicked me into starting dressing were some TV shows that featured transvestites and the whole idea of disguise and subterfuge of it all fascinated me. One in particular, an episode of Tales of the Gold Monkey with a rather convincing crossdressing assassin I remember in particular.

I was grew up in the 1980’s and 1990’s before the internet came into being the thing it is now and the information and access to clothing was scarce. So although I had a few things stashed away my attempts were never successful or convincing, so I stopped really trying to dress for a number of years and then I got married and purged everything.

I started out writing TG fiction around 2006 with the handle SuperHellKitten and have posted stories on Fictionmania under that name. I have now reposted some it on Big Closet under the name Katerina Hellam which is a riff on my old writing handle SuperHellKitten and I use that as my femme name.

As my 50th birthday approached I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do that year. One of them was to dress up properly. Fortunately for me I have a dressing service called Femesque 15 minutes away from me. Although my first attempt at dressing was only partially successful, I lost 4 stone in weight (to help deal with type II diabetes) and later attempts seem to have gone better. When I see myself in the mirror as Katerina I can’t help but smile, which is why I'm grinning like an idiot in so many of my photos.

The ladies at Femesque tell me I should have been born a girl as I look better as a woman than a man (so great for my male ego). As a result I now I have the bug for dressing and I can’t stop! It’s as though the genie has been let out the bottle and given me a wish! I've now even been out dressed as Katerina with the wonderful Cindy Conti (Boys Will be Girls London) and no one seemed to turn a blind eye.

I have published my first novel Finneas Awakes, a wild TG Fantasy epic set in modern day Cambridge as an ebook on Amazon in February 2019 and am working on a sequel.