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 Kate Van Jones  

Click on Kate’s portrait below to go to her Facebook  page.  


Hi my name is Kate. I’m a gender-fluid individual who is finally accepting myself!! Like many other girls I started dressing at a very young age. My first memory of dressing was when I was 6 years old. My sister 2 years older than me was doing gymnastic s and had this cute leotard. I kept on wearing it anytime I had a chance and anytime I thought my mom wasn’t looking. Flash forward to middle school I still hadn’t hit puberty too hard and could still wear most of my sister’s clothing. I got bolder and bolder by filling a backpack with some of my sister’s clothes including a pink bcbg dress that I thought was the most beautiful thing ever. Eventually I got lazy one night and left the backpack out into the open. The next morning my mom asked if I wanted to talk about something. I skirted the subject and said no. I would repress my feminine feelings for the next eight years. The year after graduating from college I decided to try a dressing service, but after years of being timid and from working out a ton in college I didn’t see Kate I just saw a big person who had to wear cardigans in every picture. Two years after the last session Caitlyn Jenner came to prominence and while she isn’t always the perfect role model she did bring awareness to our community and now I felt I should give it another try! This time I got a makeover from Jil Spaziani at Transglamtastic and saw Kate for the very first time, not just a guy wearing a dress, but a girl that I thought was kind of cute and most importantly me!! These past couple of years has been really amazing I’ve attended many great events in the community including LA Pride, Drag Con and many other fun outings! I’ve had the opportunity to really see Kate thrive . I’m lucky to have such a great community of people here in Southern California who are some of the most amazing people in this world. While I’m Kate at most once a month I can’t be thankful enough. Being I have turned from a shy person who was scared of the world into a very open, happy and a little bit outgoing person!!