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 Kelli Sensuelle  


Hello, I am Kelli Sensuelle, a transgender girl. I just love the feeling and experiences of being female, and perhaps one day I will go full time, but for now, just having a lot of fun!

I began this crazy lifestyle at the ripe young age of 8 years old, wearing Mom’s pantyhose, garters, and bras…I am sure you know and remember the feeling, girls! I secretly dressed throughout my adolescent and teenage years, eventually marrying, thinking the desire would go away. But as most of you have experienced, it didn’t. It just got stronger over time. I have learned to perfect my look to where I am somewhat satisfied with it, but I am always open to learn more…and I have! Other girls in the community have provided so much help in this area, and I thank every one of them!

I recently attended a Viva Wildside event in Las Vegas in May of 2014, and that experience was literally a game changer. The girls I met were truly amazing, and so “out there”! Through that experience I have grown to become more comfortable with my dressing, knowing it is a part of me that will never change. I now frequent mainstream places, and go shopping quite often en femme.

My whole wardrobe is all about elegant cocktail and low cut mini dresses, high heels, and Paris Hilton perfume! Nothing finer than partying with a bunch of girls on a Saturday night with short minis and high heels or just going out on an elegant date with that handsome guy's arm around your tiny mm!

Click on Kelli’s portrait below to go to her Facebook page.