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 Kelly James  


I am Kelly James and I am a Tgirl from Florida. Sorry if this story sounds all too familiar, but it began for me as a young teen.  I was attracted to feminine clothing and began trying it on at that time.  I was very turned on by it, but my dressing was basically limited to just articles of lingerie.  I never used makeup or a wig, and never put the whole look together. I later married and purged what few items I had, and thought that would be the end of it.  I was mistaken, the urge was still there and I began to acquire feminine items again.  My dressing at this time was sporadic and incomplete. 
About 10 years ago I began to get a little more serious about my crossdressing, and finally began to put myself together better with a more complete look from head to toe.  At about the same there was much more information on the Internet, which gave me an opportunity to communicate with others.  After meeting others to dress with and sometimes go out with, I am now at a point where I no longer enjoy dressing alone.  So now I usually dress only if others are around to appreciate it "live".  I like to take some pictures to remember the occasion by, and also see how I am progressing.
I have no desire to permanently become female, I like the ability to cross over to the other side and explore my femininity whenever opportunities arise.  It is a great stress reliever, I feel very carefree when dressed as Kelly.  My male side will deal with all the complicated issues such as work, family, etc., but Kelly is just fun time. I wish I could do it more often, but since I am in the closet with my crossdressing it is difficult to find time for my feminine side.  I wish Tgirls were more accepted by the general public, but unfortunately there is still a stigma that we all have to deal with.
I am flattered to have been chosen as a cover girl, thanks for thinking of me Rachel.  I hope you all enjoy my pictures.  


Click on Kelly’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page. there.