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 Kerry May  


Hi to everyone,

I'm Kerry May, I am early forties of age and a male to female crossdresser. Like most crossdressers my life story is much the same; dressing from a young age, desperately trying to kick the habit fuelled by guilt and confusion. Fortunately, I was lucky enough never to get caught so have no embarrassing story to tell !!

After kicking the habit during late teens the feelings became stronger. Then living on my own after a failed marriage, I suddenly found time alone. And my femme side surfaced once again. At 30 years of age I finally shed the guilt that was then replaced by a sense of self-acceptance. I am now content with being femme, in fact I feel better being femme and would not choose to be any other way.

Even having accepted the femme thing, this has still been a journey of self-discovery, as it will probably continue to be. I am, for sure straight and admire the beauty and sexual attraction of women. But when I am en femme, who knows? I have never been in the company of others of similar mind to find out.

Dressing preferences, I try to go with the latest styles but love lingerie also. Occasionally I indulge in ‘fun wear’, maid’s dresses for example, perhaps showing a more submissive tendency.

Circumstances and confidence have so far prevented me from going out in public, though I so wish to do so. For now though, I dress whenever I can, living for Today and making up for the years that I tried to suppress myself.

To all of you T-girls, enjoy the way you are.

Kerry xx

Click on Kerry’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.

Lingerie-Kerry May

Click on the pic to the right to go to Kerry’s Lingerie Model page.