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 Kimber Summers  


Well, first and foremost, I am humbled, honored and flattered to have been asked to tell you a bit about myself and provide you with a few of my photos.  Thank you Rachel for inviting me to be a Cover Girl of the Month!


Like a lot of girls, I’ve found it interesting and fun to dress as a beautiful girl, in my case, the “sexy soccer mom next door”.  Several years ago, when the economy turned, I found myself “between jobs” and very much trying to understand so much about myself-how a successful career had completely crashed.  It was at that time that Kimber began to emerge as a personality.  I began to dress more and discovered Flickr.  I learned a great deal about myself from our girlfriends on Flickr, and learned that I was certainly not the only person with this passion.


Finally, I mustered the fortitude to create an account on Flick in mid-2011.  While chatting with girls on IM was both exciting and enlightening, more importantly, it filled a void of personal interaction that had been missing as a result of being between jobs.  I found so many nice friends to share questions with and learn from.  Not only has Kimber grown, but her male side has become a better father and husband…. and that may be the best part of all of this.


So with the kind encouragement of my virtual girlfriends, I found the strength to go out for the first time in September 2011.  Yes there were nervous moments - stepping out of the car for sure, how would a girl over 6’5” in heels look?  But there were so many other great moments…. the makeover beforehand, the kindness and consideration of the event organizer who “assigned” a couple of girls to be my guardian angel making sure I had a great time and meet everyone, the new friendships which were started, and the incredible outpouring of support and encouragement which arose from the photos posted from my first outing.  It was all wonderful beyond belief. I will never be able to sufficiently thank those wonderful girls for all they have done, but I do hope to be able to return the favor to others.


So many just see the “outside” of what we do, and think it’s beyond normal, and that’s hard to deny.  But some fail to understand how it makes many of us better people inside, as both female and male.  To me, this whole experience has shifted from just having fun dressing, to creating some really fantastic friendships that go way beyond the outward appearance.


I hope that this introspective bio hasn’t bored you to tears.  As you may have now learned, I’m a considerate and humble person who just happens to make a pretty good looking girl.  It’s been an amazing journey that I only wish I had started earlier.  I hope that you enjoy my photos and further hope that you might take a minute to visit my Flickr or Facebook account to say hello.  I look forward to hearing from you, and stay beautiful!



Click on Kimber’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.