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 Kim Rydick  


Hello, I'm Kim Rydick,  embracing femininity and adoring women. So much so that I wish to be a woman and often do my best to present as one.  Dressing isn't a fetish or have sexual meaning for me. I do it because I enjoy it. It makes me feel liberated and free. Free to be a gender that I want to be at my time of choosing. To socialize and connect with any gender or age demographic willing to accept me.

I'm not as judgmental as I used to be and less tolerant of those who are. Being macho, I never was good at and I've grown out my willingness to be so. I was the skinny kid, less athletic and one of the last to be picked on a team. I've found my place now because I believe these traits to be naturally femme. I only wish I had recognized abilities earlier in life. I'm softer, kinder and much more able to bond with others and make friends. I don't let negativity drive me and I'll resist with a positive passion. If you are unable to be positive or feel the need to drag others down, I will leave you to your negative outlook and let you go.

Kim is very young to me, still growing inside of me, every day in every way. Many daily routines that seemed odd are now simply daily routines. I have developed habits of maintaining my female self by shaving, cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, tanning and generally caring for myself as part of daily life.

Be open and honest with me and you can expect the same from me in return. Get caught misleading me and pay a price. Test me with aggression or disrespect and you will fail me. Laugh and learn with me and we can be friends forever.

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