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 Klaudia Jones  

Click on Klaudia’s portrait below to go to her Facebook page.


My name is Klaudia Jones your typical, average crossdresser, TGirl, tranny or whatever the name is nowadays from Greece. I am very much in the closet as my two Iives are kept separate... I am a very late bloomer since I only started dressing in 2016. I have always been keen on crossdressing but simply didn't have the nerve to give in to my urges. However I have never been happier and more relaxed since I first went through it. I enjoy the freedom and confidence it gives me and the escape from the male macho prototype that I was raised to act and behave us. I am travelling to the UK a few times a year where Klaudia is able to be active whether in the studio (BWBG) or at Milton Keynes for PP's BNO.

I have been very fortunate to have found really good friends who have encouraged me progress and find myself from a shy and miserable man into a confident and outgoing TGirl who enjoys life and all it has to offer. Unfortunately most of my new friends I have never met in person and probably never will but that is the way it goes. However the future is ahead and have a lot to look forward to!