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 Krystal Nielsdatter  


 Writing a bio is difficult for me. I’ve always shunned the center of attention. Wallflower describes me quite well.

My history is similar to most crossdressers. My first memory at the age of four or so was when my parents laughed when they caught me trying on earrings in my aunt’s bedroom. I had no real CD experiences though until I moved into an apartment in my early twenties and soon thereafter bought my own house. I’m considerably older than early twenties now and believe it or not I’m still living in the same house. I never married which probably is another result of my wallflower tendency but at least I’ve never had the problems of dealing with family like so many have. Privacy is a product I’ve always had plenty of.

Both my crossdressing desire and my financial ability to indulge in it have increased with time. I don’t go out in public (wallflower, remember?) but try to save my CDing times for when I have full uninterrupted days to experience them at home.

When I’m not being Krys, which actually happens completely only a couple times a month on average, I enjoy walking the trails of the southwestern US and chatting online with Flickr friends. Thanks to everyone who has commented on my photos. The Internet certainly is a wonderful tool to bring us all together.

Click on Krystal’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.