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 Kyoko Matsushita  


My Bio-----------------------------------------------------------------

Q: When did you first start crossdressing?
A: When I was 10 years old, I thought why I can't wear girl's pretty clothes.

Q: Describe your early experiences dressing as a girl.
A: I started to dress up at 12 years old, wearing women's swimsuits.  I bought it at sports shop. I felt nervous very much.

Q: At what age did you start using make-up and wearing wigs?  How did you learn how to apply make up? Any tips for other Tgirls?

     Brand of make up you use?
A: At 18 years old, I went to transexual bar. The Bar's staff made up me.  I learned application techniques from Japanese Female

    magazine.  I had a professional lesson about 2 years ago.  Any tips? Please practice! It's a best way!

Q: If you had your choice, what do like wearing the most when being a girl?
A: Shiny Tight minidress and full support pantyhose.

Q: Now a bit of personal information ... What is your marital status?  A sensitive area for some girls, but ... how old are you now?

    Does anyone know you are a TGirl? What country do you live in?
A: Single, Secret, Probably nobody knows.  I live in Kyoko, But I'm based in
Osaka, Japan. Because, There is no transsexual bar in kyoto.

Q: Have you ever gone out as a girl?  If so, tell us what the first time is like and how you feel being  out in the world as a girl.
A: I have being going out as a girl since 4 years ago. The first time was walking around transsexual bar.  I felt that everyone was interested

    to me, but I was very excited. I can't stop go out as a girl now.

Q: Have you ever gone through a purge of your female clothing? If so,  can you tell us why? How did it make you feel?  How long before

     you went back to being a girl?
A: No

Q: What percentage of time do you spend as a girl?
A: I live as a man usually. So, I can do this 3,4 times a month.

Q: Have you ever considered moving towards becoming more of a girl physically with options like hormones, feminisation surgery, breast

     enhancements,  or SRS?
A: I have thought about it many times, but my male's life is important for me.

Q: Do you feel more like a boy or a girl now and why?
A: I feel more like a girl now.  Because I want to dress-up as a girl everyday.

Q: Have you ever dated or wanted to date another TGirl or a man?
A: Yes. I like dating a man very much.  Because it can be conscious that I am a woman!!

Q: Do you have any advice for other TGirls, especially ones that have yet  to venture out as a girl?
A: Please go out with a man, The interest of other people decreases.  So, You can relax.:)

Q: How is your life now as a TGirl? What's gone well and not so well?
A: Everything is fine as Tgirl.

Q: Anything else you'd like to say?
A: I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you today. I hope you enjoy my pics.

Best Regards,


Click on Kyoko’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.


Video #1

(gold dress)


Video #2

(pink dress)

Lingerie-Kyoko Matsushita

Kyoko is also a Lingerie Model here. Click on her pic below.