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 Lauren Smith  


I had the typical upbringing in the 1950's. I had older sisters and was the only boy. I would watch them get dressed and be so jealous of all their cute clothes including crinolines, heels and stockings with garter belts. I secretly tried on their clothes while everyone was sleeping. It felt so wonderful to be feminine if only for a brief time. My mother would kid me about what a pretty girl I would make and how my looks were wasted on a boy. I was so confused. I wanted to be Ricky Nelson outwardly but inwardly wanted to be Lauren Bacall who was on the covers of so many fashion magazines at the time and of course my mother and sisters raved about her. Hence my name.

Over the years, I became the woman in photos you see here today. My most professional photos were done by a transformation service now called Gina Ortiz helped me reveal my inner Lauren. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I did having my photos taken.

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