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 Well I'm a nice down to earth person who likes to dress on occation. One guy asked me if I was a girl. I answered "Mainly on the weekends!" Lol Anyway I"m 30 years old. I'm young enough to enjoy life but old enough to know

I'm not into guys. I'm not into guys who don't dress. Don't be discourage there are a ton of gurls who are looking for guys. But I'm into cd, tv,and tg who are expericed at dressing and makeup. I Do love the gg's who dont mind their man looking as pretty as her. Mainly looking for those who can help me improve my look and style as Leandrah. Plus I have learned one or two things to share.
I live in Harrisburg, Pa but I only been going out dressed for about a year and a half. Eventhough I'm relativily new to going out dressed, I have learned a great deal in that short time.

But i must give a shout out to two girls who realy changed my life as Leandrah. Stephanie Ram through a series of unrelated events lead me to Dena1608 who litterally dragged me out of my house showing me off as Leandrah publically. Even though I was super nervous my first time out, I been enjoying going out ever since.

Feel free to send me an email if you are a new cd or exprienced to share and support each other. If we have simular interest possiblely hang out in the harrisburg, philly, or baltimore areas.

Click on Leandrah’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.