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 Leanna Thomas  


Hello to all my friends as well as those I've yet to meet! I'm a petite brunette TGirl, 58 years old, living in the Washington, DC area. I'm blessed to have met some incredible girlfriends, both TG and GG, and always love spending time with them. I am a girly-girl at heart, but I love the outdoors, gardening, hiking and sports. I am addicted to fashion! I enjoy good theater and love to wander museums - either alone, with friends, or in the company of a classy gentleman. I am married to an incredible woman who supports and encourages me. Although I'm not full-time, my emotional and physical femininity are 100% ingrained in me. I enjoy looking, behaving and feeling like a genetic woman, and am happiest when others perceive me as one.

Since I'm a year closer to turning sixty, I've been more observant of mature women, and especially the way in which they express themselves through fashion and makeup. I'm inspired by confident women, and the old saying, "age is but a number," motivates me to explore the ways in which good taste and style can sustain and increase our allure as we get older. I admire women in their fifties and sixties (and beyond!) who take pride in their figure and complexion, keep current with clothing trends, and aren't afraid to show the world that they still "have it!" I think French women epitomize that attitude best, whereby they continuously look for ways to look fabulous, never thinking there's any reason to succumb to frumpiness!

If we in the transgender community take a similarly classy approach, then aging needn't be depressing - instead, it can be creative, ambitious and sexy! Why stop looking for the perfect pair of skinny jeans at 30? I know women in their sixties with fabulous figures who look svelte and hip in their skinnies and a pair of trendy flats or booties, or wearing a boyfriend jacket over a shimmery tank, leggings and pumps. Good taste is born from knowing and being true and honest to ourselves and to how others perceive us, and I always feel great pride knowing that I'm part of a community where many of my contemporaries are aging not only with dignity, but also with pizazz! I hope other girls who read this feel the same way, and rather than worry too much about the fact that our jaw lines and booties aren't quite where they used to be thirty years ago, let's celebrate the things that still bring us joy and fulfillment: a great hairstyle, the perfect shade of lipstick, fabulous nails, and most of all, each other! What fun to know we're all in the same boat, and that while our younger sisters are talking about bikinis and short shorts, we're plotting how our Spanx will help us get into that cute cocktail dress, how that skin product will give give us a porcelain complexion, and how the perfect haircut will give us that surge of confidence and excitement to just get out there and be awesome!

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