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 Lisah French  

Click on Lisahs portrait below to go to her Flickr page.


Hi, I'm Lisah, a 60 something year old crossdresser from the UK. I adore the magic moments when I become Lisah - physically, mentally and emotionally. I love expressing Lisah’s femininity, style and personality with fabulous, glamorous and sexy themes and looks. 

I am honoured to be asked to be a Cover Girl and Lingerie Model on Rachel’s amazing web site.


I'm happily married, heterosexual and love my wife very much. She knows I dress, understands but asks that Lisah be in a separate life compartment, which I accept. I have no interest in guys. 


My story is so familiar. Been dressing for decades. Remember starting at my grandmother’s when I was about 10 and she allowed me to play “dress up” with her old clothes. I was an only grand child and later discovered that she had wanted a grand daughter. Continued dressing in secret as a teenager and when I got married, stopped for about 5 years. But the urge and desire returned and I resumed dressing in secret through married life. 

Then, about 18 years ago, my wife found out and a few difficult weeks followed. But we overcame the difficulties. Around that time I discovered makeover services and the delight of Jodie Lynn’s The Boudoir photoshoots in London. 

We then moved overseas. While abroad, I created a lovely wardrobe and a lot of beautiful make up, mainly mac. When my wife visited the UK, I dressed for days at a time - heaven. 

We have now recently returned after 15 years living abroad. Sadly, on our return to the UK everything including all the photos had to go.


Now, I've found the fantastic Cindy at Boys Will Be Girls. My Flickr page is photos from my visits at BWBG along with some from The Boudoir which I have also re-visited.  

Lisah loves to exchange news with the many beautiful girls on Flickr wherever they are but please remember I’m not interested in guys. Thank you for reading and understanding

Lingerie-Lisah French

Click on her pic to the right to go to Lisah’s Lingerie Model page! >>>>