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 Lizzie Kelly  


I look past the mirror in the bedroom and observe a woman who has grown into this beauty. I look past the lens of the camera and capture the girl now woman who exclaims her femininity. There never was a time when she did not exist. She was always present from conception. Deep in her heart all the answers are revealed.

Born more than 5 decades ago when gender dysphoria was nothing more than "going through a phase", I have survived the ridicule, the pain, the loneliness, the punishments, and the tears. Now I see that others were just misinformed, scared, and socially fearful of accepting who I knew I should be. Yes I gave in to those "gender norms", did what was expected of me, and followed the straight and narrow path. Yet all the while knowing I needed to be a innocent girl, a playful teenager, a college coed, a young woman. I found moments alone that I cherished when the woman inside emerged and I still hold those moments dear today. Although I am another person publicly, I am Lizzie inside and will always be Lizzie. I have never been anyone else but her.

I am the rose beginning to bloom.
I am the nightingale discovering her song.
Watch how the beauty of nature unfolds!

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