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 Lori Luvz

Click on Lori’s portrait below to go to her Facebook page.  


  Like so many of us girls, I too started dressing at an early age. When home alone I would go through my mother’s dresser and find stockings and girdles to try on. I was also lucky to have a sister that I would also “borrow” clothes from. I probably did this ‘til college days arrived and then because of living in dorms and apartments, the dressing urges subsided for a few years. Years later, I found myself married with kids and the urge to dress flared up so I began hiding some feminine clothing articles in the attic. I would find rare occasions to dress and almost got caught a few times which led to purges. Assume this sounds familiar to many of you.

To shorten up the story, my kids were grown, out of the nest, and marital problems developed. Following a divorce … which actually I was OK with, now living alone, yep, the urge to dress strengthened and I loved it. It has been over 15 years of being single and needless to say the wardrobe grew and grew.

Living in a small town North of Milwaukee wasn’t easy to venture out of the house as Lori, especially being well known in the small community, so I started to travel to larger cities to explore the dressing opportunities. Now that I am retired, spend time in AZ and frequent Las Vegas a lot. I enjoy the professional makeovers there, the shopping, the clubbing and have met other girls to pal around with … living the life. And no, no one in the family knows Lori …

I enjoy the feminine lifestyle Lori brings to me, guess if I was younger I would consider more than just the dressing, bit I weighed it all out mentally and decided not to hurt my family. I have lived two lives this long and will continue for as long as I can.

When I am Lori, I am female and feminine as possible for an old gal. I still enjoy dressing in short sexy dresses and high heels … certainly not age appropriate but I don’t care … smiles. When I am out, I am flattered by nice comments by some guys, but I am not into men. A beautiful, feminine Lady has a much better chance of turning my head … winks.

Thank for reading this and I appreciate Rachel for putting this great site together for us girls.  Stay beautiful ladies. I can be found on FB and Flickr.

Lori Luvz