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 Lucy Hamilton  


When I was 13, I went to an all boys’ school and was twice given a girl’s role in a play – first Alice in The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and then a year later the lead in a modern dress version of Romeo and Juliet. These

experiences did not make me transgendered, but definitely opened up my feelings of femininity. When other boys said how awful it must be to act as a girl and wear a dress, I felt the opposite and really enjoyed how I looked.

My mother realised quickly that I was borrowing her clothes and fortunately was understanding and sympathetic. She researched the subject and understood that my compulsion was not unique. Although I am sure that she would have preferred otherwise, she never rebuked me for wanting to spend time as a girl and allowed me to dress at home. She taught me how to put on make-up and helped me buy clothes of my own and a wig.

I have being going out as a girl since my late teens. The first time was to

a Drag Ball in London. I was nervous, but soon began to enjoy the experience so much that I realised that I could never go back into the closet. I try to live a full life as a woman and do all the things that girls do in their everyday lives. It just feels natural!

I try to dress appropriately for the location and occasion. When going out shopping, I usually wear a suit or skirt and top with a full slip underneath so that if I am trying on a dress in the changing room there are no unsightly bulges! In the summer when going outside I like to wear sun dresses with open shoes and in the winter a smart coat and boots. At night, I love the chance to wear stylish cocktail and evening dresses.

I am based in London, but travel all over the world. Whenever possible on trips abroad, I take two suitcases (!) and try to meet up with local girls. I have developed rewarding friendships with lots of wonderful TGirls, men and women who have helped to do so many enjoyable things and to visit so many interesting places as a woman.

For me, being a TGirl is a wonderful blessing, not a perversion. Just imagine spending all your life without ever experiencing the thrill of wearing a pretty dress and feeling glamorous and feminine. I no longer worry about being “read”. Most of the time people are too busy getting on with their own lives to worry about whether someone wearing a dress is a woman or not. My experience has been that, even if they do notice, so long as I am dressed appropriately for where I am and behave normally I am treated as a woman.

Click on Lucy’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.