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 Lucy Lovelace  

Click on Lucy’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page. You can go to her FB page by clicking here.


More purges than Stalin! That sums me up perfectly. I have been dressing since around 8 years old. Started with my mother’s clothes, a story I’m sure which is familiar to many. Started my own collection when I left home to go to college which triggered a ridiculous cycle of dressing, purging and buying all over again. I struggled with my female side for years with long periods of abstinence, even thought getting married would cure me, it did in a way as running around after small children left me without energy and opportunities. As the family started to grow up I started to get active and started the cycle of purging again. When I hit 50 I finally realized not only could I not change who I am, more importantly I didn’t want to. So I finally made peace with my demons and came out of the shadows and it has been an amazing adventure. I finally told my wife who has been supportive to a degree. I’m a bit old fashioned for some in my clothes tastes, I love the mature wedding guest look and the soccer mom look. I’m also a big fan of matching lingerie and never consider myself dressed without a slip. I’m happily married and despite what some of my photos might suggest I’m straight

Lucy is also a Lingerie Model here. Click on her pic to the right to go to her Lingerie Model page!  >>>

Lingerie-Lucy Lovelace