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 Luisa Baris  


Hello !


I'm Luisa Baris !


I'm Italian and I was born 40 years ago in the North of Italy !


Since when I was a little child at the primary school I've always felt to be … different !

I liked to play with the others males , but at the same time I wanted to play even with the females .

At four years , as consequence of a “pee accident” , the Major Sister of the primary school had only a pair of female panties , for to change me , and I was so comfortable in  them !

I remember that when I was around six years old , I loved to put menthol powder on my face after the bath , so , without to know the reason , it loved it ! Around the years of the adolescence , ( 12 years ) I started to use some towels , in the bathroom , as dresses .

Than I tried some pairs of stockings of my mom . I have not sisters . Then I stopped all the crossdressing for two years , ( 15 – 16 years ) the must horrible years of my life !! I was going to a Female School , with an address even for males , but I was the only male in my class , and , being very shy , and not ready for to face to all the trying of approaches of my others 29 class-mates , (which were in the top of the hormonal growing )!!, I was disgusted from all that was feminine . In fact I changed school as soon as I could .

I started to buy female clothes around 18 years . Than I stopped again during the Military Service , which was obligatory in Italy .

I stopped for two times, for two months each , for my fears and regrets , and senses of guilty , being Catholic , putting everything away ! Than I talked with my Spiritual Pather of this , and He was, and is, always very understanding with me.

I had two relactions with real girls , but there were always “ something “ between us , and I was not able to talk openly to they , to my “difference”, and they felt I was not ...relaxed . I went out in some Carnival Parties , in female clothes , and I won the First Price to a competition of costumes ! Never won anything before !!

I started to go out in the night , with my car , for to drive a little and to take short walkings , but , being night , I was always so frightened , and terrorized !! One of the last times , being approached by a car with four guys inside , my legs begin to shake !!


Than I bought a PC , and the internet connection , ....and my life changed ! I started to see some You Tube videos, and , in a strange night of the summer of 2009 , when I was talking with my little canary, I opened a my channel , with an indoor video .

Here I had the opportunity to know more  people like me , and , being encouraged and helped, I found the courage to show my face , and go out in the day, and in the light of the Sun ! And that's was Great !!

I know I don't pass for a real girl, but I can pass for a transgender, and I think to be a ….transgender ! But I think even that everyone has a natural level of transgenderism , more or less , because we are all made so. My beard it's gone , for a series of laser remouval applications , I've lost some kilos , and … I'm fine !!


Special Thanks to Rachel for this Big Honour and Nice Opportunity to say something to other people like me .


Bye !




Hugs !



Click on Luisa’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page. Luisa also has a You Tube page ... Click here to get there.


Video #1