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 Lynn Amanda Reina  

Click on Lynn’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.


I'm a mature, married tg woman, who enjoys going out to meet other tgs for a night out. I've been attending my support group in PA for 25 years, and when I started there was no internet or cell phones. My goodness, times have changed.

Originally, from NYC and now a PA resident I feel like my circle is complete. I've connected with so many beautiful beautiful ladies in the tg community, it's a blessing.

I feel fortunate to have grown while learning about my femme self, and I'm very happy to help newcomers. And I've bonded with my sisters en femme over the years thanks to the wonderful tg socials I attend.

My one piece of advice to my sisters is to be your very best, in my opinion we are all an unfinished masterpiece, enjoy the process!