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Rachel’s Make Up and Beauty Tips Page

♥  For genetic girls, make up is important. For us TGirls, make up is a necessity as a part of our transformation to our feminine selves. Here, I try to offer some help and resources for several key areas. If you have any sites or any personal advice that can be added here, please email me, ok?


Below are 5 very special "how to" videos. They are courtesy of Maybelline cosmetics (one of my favorites by the way). Just click on the underlined link to view the video. If you wish to save any of these, just right click on the link and click "save target as." Hope you enjoy these and, again, many thanks to Maybelline ! Also below is a short video from Elle at Spell Cosmetics!

You need a fairly up-to-date Apple Quicktime Movie Player (its free). If you need it, just click below. To view/download videos, click on the icon next to the video name. It is quicker to right-click on the video icon and choose “save target as” to download to your pc and view from there. You can view them here ... Just be patient as it takes a while for the videos to load is all.





Elle at Spell Cosmetics

♥  Below are some of the best sites for make up and make up advice!