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 Mandy Smith  


II should start by saying that I feel really honoured that Rachel should ask me to write a bio for her site..thank you Rachel!
In case no one had noticed, I am a common old garden variety transgendered girl who has enjoyed this side of my life since my earliest meomories. I was born in the England but lived in South Africa , the States and various other places around the world. As is often the case many of us girls find that it takes a life time to get to the point where we get out and about and I was no different. My first outings were about 15 years ago after going to a dressing service. With the help of some very special people everything suddenly clicked and I realised that it was quite easy to do my own makeup etc...all it took was some practise and a bit of patience and careful watching what others did.
Whatever my style it always has to have a classy edge to it. In my early days I thought wedding dresses were just soo amazing (I still do ) and I used to dream of being a bride.... These days I tend more towards pencil skirts and blouses but I will try anything if it is feminine and helps make me feel pretty... What is important to me is getting the basics right , so good lingerie (I do prefer retro) is really pays to keep your eyes open and buy the second you see something you like ! Assistnats have always been friendly...always !!

What has been such a joy to me has been my collection of special friends who have helped Mandy over the years. These people have had such a positive affect on my life and to them I will always be especially grateful!
To the girls reading this that have never been out, please have one life, make a plan and make it happen..its not easy for the most of us but once you do it, you will then truelly become the person you always dreamt of being.
Love to you all
Mandy xx

Click on Mandy’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.

Lingerie- Mandy Smith

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