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I'm Marjorie, transgender, born boy, 44 years old, hormone-treated, unoperated, my hair is natural, my beard is shaved laser.
Garcon week for work, I assure stewardship and independence of my women's doubles. Every weekend, I saw a girl h24.

Optins very temperamental, I believe that everything happens to us in life, is the fruit of our actions or non actions.

I'm curious about everything in life, I love above all travel, and my great chalenge .... write a novel ... I have already begun ....

what about other ... mouventée life .. two divorces ... 2years travel shemale.
I ended up thinking that I was not a woman, but just a boy who loved to live in the feminine gender.
In my own form, I think that a new life awaits me.
I know that there will be different from the other morning when I would say is I just time to get to the other side.
pending the strength and courage and determination, my strategy is waiting to find the best possible balance in androgyny.

Here's a little bit about me
Marjorie, France, Cote d'Azur, Nice.

Click on Marjorie’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page. Click here to go to her You Tube page.