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 Mary Moore  


I'm a part time tgirl who was introduced to dressing about the age of 5 when my sister dressed me up for her friends as a joke. I liked the attention and I really liked the feel of the clothes! From then on I sneaked my sisters and my mum's stuff through my childhood and teens, sometimes going out into my local town shopping and just enjoying walking around. I find that the urge to dress comes and goes, with sometimes years passing with little activity and then years when I want to do it every week.

Before I discovered the t world on the internet in about 2001, I really wasn't aware of the fact there were so many other tgirls out there. Of course I saw TV magazines and so I knew there were tgirl models but really didn't see myself as like them for some reason. Once on the internet I got to know lots of people online through first UR Notalone and then TV Chix, and have been out to t-venues to met some of the people I have met online which has been really interesting and a great relief to be with people who share this interest. It's a great revelation to know that there are people here in England and across the globe who are not so different from me and who I can chat to and have something in common with that is such a basic part of me.

I'll only ever do this part time as I have a very good life outside of being Mary, and though I do constantly have to check that I am able to keep both sides of me compatible with each other, in terms of time and commitment, that's something I am getting happier with as time goes on.

I very much enjoy pretty much all styles and kinds of clothes -- and I feel as if I have only just scrathedthe surface of what there is to try on and play with. Same thing with hair and makeup! One of the things I love about this is the choice that exists for females in the way they can look and the image they can present. I do love the elegant but sexy look though as you can see from my pics that is not the majority of what I do myself.

I feel lucky to be in London as it seems to be a comparatively liberal place for tgirls and so far I have never had any trouble expressing myself as Mary. Plus, the shopping opportunites are huge !

Click on Mary’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.