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 Mel Daniels  



I`m Mel.

Things have changed for me recently. It`s not the huge collection of clothes (although that is nice), It`s the way I feel about myself.

After decades of denial then a break from things the past few years has left me feeling content with having two sides residing in my grey matter.

Things seemed to have accelerated at a controlled rate recently and I`ve been out and about more than ever, collecting some lovely friends along the way. A gurl I used to bump into from time to time once said to me "You cant get better than a tgirlfriend"..she was right.
So, what to do with all this contentment ? Well, get out as much as possible of course ! Time is normally limited for me as I tend to squeeze a lot of things into each week, but the trouble is if I don`t get to mingle at least every two weeks I go all funny and start to mumble and things.

Did I mention he wardrobe ? oh, yes I did. It`s big and it`s full. I really should rationalize the contents one day. How do you get rid of things you like ? don`t, you go buy another wardrobe.

I`m very lucky to know a RG who happens to own a clothes shop (!). When I "came out" to her she actually told me off for not telling her years ago. She now helps me out with stlyes and I even get first dabs at her cast-offs (she has great taste in clothes), we are the same dress size so all good. She is trying to get me to cut down on going out sporting the "slut look" (as she calls it), as a consequence I have recently discovered the Maxi dress and elegant long evening dresses... oh, the world has yet to see me like that - hope all goes well.

I`m attracted to certain other tgirls, if the "chemistry" is right.
If anyone knows a suitable word to describe that preference then let me know, The word "translesbian" does not really appeal.

Where will this all end up ? who knows. I just want to enjoy my femme side as much as I can (or as long as I can get away with wearing short hem lines !). I suppose we just get older and adapt styles and looks etc.. constant evolution.

I live in Staffordshire (slam in the middle of the UK) good for getting up and down the country to various venues.

I`m 50 (eek) size 10 (or 8 sometimes), do multi-sports, play drums and like a nice glass of cold Chablis when out (so get the drinks in if you see me out).

The reason There are so many pics on here is that I`ve had that many HDD`s fail (and backups) that this is now my backup there. I like to keep the old pics on here as a reminder of past mistakes and a bit of a record of the developing look(s).. fun, all of it.

That`s enough about me. If you fancy a nattter on her then message me or email me:

I prefer to chat to smooth tgirls... NO MALE ADMIRERS.

Mel. x

Click on Mel’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.