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 Mika Ayukawa  


It is 14 years old that I disguised myself as a woman for
the first time. When mother had gone out, I put on mother's skirt.
At that time, I felt the pleasure that was not able to be
expressed in the word.

I disguised myself as a woman in the event of the
school at the age of 20. It was the first disguising as a
woman that I did in the presence of others. A surrounding
reputation was good, though it was shameful by contraries.

After I had graduated from the school, living alone was
started. It became a big turning point to disguise myself
as a woman of me. A make-up tool and the first dress were
bought, and I came to enjoy disguising myself as a woman
in the room.

The reason why I disguise myself as a woman is that woman's
dress is loved. Skirt, one-piece, and dress. It is because
I unbearably like feminine, lovely dress.
I am usually a usual man. The love object is a woman in
complete. However, I occasionally want sometimes
becoming me different. I different, another I, and I am
"Mika. " I will transform to the woman in several months by a pace
once. And, several photographs are taken.


Click on Mika’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.