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 Natassia Crystal  


Hi everyone, I'm Natassia Crystal or Tassia [or Natas if you're Dutch.. ;-) ]. Having been asked as a Cover Girl is a great honour since I know that Rachel has been providing a great place for all TGirls from around the world!

I'm a 33 year old crossdresser from a small university town in the west of the Netherlands. I know people change as they go through life, but for now I'm truly happy happy living a 50/50 life.. as I love both parts of my life.

Most friends that know me, will confirm that I'm a hopeless science geek! I love everything that has to do with tech, physics, gadgets. My other passion besides science is music... and if I could be a guitar-playing rock chick in a band.. that would be dream come true! :D

Through my photos and videos.. I want to show the world that I'm having an absolute blast dressing up, shopping, dancing and hanging out with friends (TG and non-TG). I hope to inspire other girls to do the same and take some small steps into a world that might seem scary at first, but will open up so much that you start wondering what kept you back in the first place.

Anyway, my goal is to mix both the boy's and the girl's worlds such that in the near future there will be no clear line between them and that I can wake up every morning and dress the way I feel like! :)

So to all of you.. thanks for being there and I hope I can be as supportive as many of you have been for me!

Oh.. one more thing.. as long as my feet will let me.. I will be wearing heels forever! :-D

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Click on Natassia’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page. Natassia also has a You Tube page ... Click here to get there.


Video #1