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 Nicki T (aka Nicki Glitter)  


My Bio

Ok - let's see. First and foremost I love music. It has been a major part of my life since I heard my first Motown record in 4th grade music class. Started on Motown then moved to more pop music and then rock and metal. I love everything now. Except for Country. Unless it's Johnny Cash. Basically, I love anything artistic and creative. I also love to write when I am inspired to do so (and I must say I am not very inspired writing about myself!). I would love to have the time to really spend painting, but will wait until time and space permits for that.


I grew up in Oklahoma (daughter of a coal miner. Just kidding...) doing the normal stuff. I was actually a pretty good athlete until music really took over my existence in high school. Moved to LA to be a rockstar and ended up on the business side of the music biz...Had a great time and met and worked with many of my idols. Would still be in Los Angeles, but the music business died. Moved back to Okieville and became my worst nightmare. Well, just started wearing a suit in my new "executive" role. Money money money...makes the world go around they say...Oh yeah, I'm a little sarcastic too. Guess ya got that by now...

I guess I just have a lot of interesting experiences. I walked in on an armed robbery once. That was interesting! I have a ton of stories and have even started writing what might eventually be a book. Or a computer version of my life anyway...

The trans thing...Not sure what to say on that. It's just me. I have known I was different since I was at least 8 or 9. Funny thing is I always read about people knowing when they are 4 or 5? Who can remember when they are 4 or 5? I have just bits and pieces of that time in my life. I have definite memories of laying in bed at night and wishing I was a girl when I was around 8 or 9. And it was never a clothes thing. It is and has always been about my body. Most of my experiences were with shaving as I started to develop body hair and makeup later on.


Growing up in conservative Oklahoma (the bible belt) made me very aware of how "screwed up" I was. So I really just went into denial on what my real situation was. That can only last so long before it all comes clawing and screaming its way back into your everyday life. In 2006 I met a local drag performer and she showed me the way to doing my first performance. I loved it and felt so empowered by the experience. Oh yeah, it was about this time I came out to my now ex-wife. She suggested counseling and I did want to figure out my whole deal. Turns out I am transgendered. I remember the day my counselor said to my ex and myself. "I believe she is a female in a male body." I remember the room seeming to tilt sideways (literally). Just prior to Christmas 2007, I went to counseling and was presented with a letter recommending me for hormones. I sat on that for around 4 months before contacting a local endocrinologist. I have now been on hormones consistently for around 14 months now. Results are good, just slow. The rest is still to be written as far as my life goes...

I guess I would just say to anyone who will listen...Be yourself...Be happy...Live, love, laugh...and smile as much as you possibly can!

Click on Nicki’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.