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 Nigella Rolfe  


ICan I start by saying the last year has been the most exciting time of my life. I suppose joining Flickr and posting pictures released Nigella in a way I never imagined. 

I'm married with a wife who is not particularly supportive of my transgender personna, an adult daughter who is, a teenager son who doesn't know yet. Until I'm sure my son will cope knowing who I am and want to be my life is still part time transgender but the time will come when I'll tell him and my life will move ahead and Nigella will come to the fore. 

Previously I had been a Crossdresser since my teens and occasional dresser through the 80’s but always in private. There was no Internet to guide and give inspiration, just longing looks into shop windows at womens’ clothes and the occasional purchase of items via mail order, oh my, how shy I was in a shop with women's clothes, I suppose I felt a bit guilty. 
In the 90s I visited a Transformation shop for the first time and boy oh boy was I transformed. I suppose I knew then I'd never give my journey up. 

My career as a police officer In London made it difficult to ever be out in public, any publicity would have made life tricky but I always wished I could have worn a female officers uniform, especially when they wore skirts. I met one transgender officer and saw how awkward it was for her, never shunned but never truly accepted, I think it would be totally different now. The police in London are actually very tolerant and welcoming to all diverse people. 

Eventually my time in the police came to an end and with time on my hands I started exploring my femme feelings, learning how to use makeup, learning how to shop, but not when to stop!

Back to the end of 2015 and onto Flickr. It changed my life. I met people there who helped me understand what I wanted, although I never too sure if I've got that right yet, but those friends have inspired me and supported me. 
I remember my first trip out dressed, to Bluewater shopping Centre, oh how nervous, checking myself in every shop window, was I walking right, did I look ridiculous, dare I try something on? Well I did, of course and my stuffed wardrobe is testament to my lack of will power and awe of all things female fashion. I'm still amazed at the wonderful choice of clothes, shoes, accessories that women can chose from, men just don't understand how happy pretty new clothes make you!

In 2016 I also rode my motorcycle en femme for the first time, ha, it messed up my long blonde hair. I take my two boxer dogs out by the River Thames dressed every week, I've met a great group of girls in London, most with similar stories to me, been clubbing at TransAngels in Essex and cant wait for their next party, I've met new friends there and learnt how important it is to get your dancing shoes right! I have a few mad moments as well, like going jogging in a leotard, well it made me smile and I hope I made others smile as well! 

What's ahead? Well, little goals like dancing lessons and joining a Yoga class, any excuse to wear lycra. Skiing with my daughter in a few weeks in my new ski gear, women's ski jackets are so pretty! But my big goals are to go pretty much full time. Every day I wish... I should be dressed, I want my friends to see me and know Nigella, slowly I add a few extra bits to my male clothes, a scarfe , a jumper, women's jeans, nails get longer, people will notice, maybe!

What I do know is that I've never, ever been happier than when I'm dressed and out, I smile more, I chat more, I actually drink less! I certainly eat less and I'm always people watching, well, women watching, for inspiration on fashion and style. Life is short so I've got to get on with it! 

Click on Nigella’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.