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 Nina Jay  

Click on Nina’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page!  You can view Nina’s personal website by clicking here .


Who is Nina? She's me! 

Hi my name is Nina and I'm transgendered. (And you thought I was a real girl right?) OK Nina's not the name I was born with but I chose this name because of a girl I fell in love with when I was younger and I always wanted to look like her. If only she knew that's where my female dressing inspiration came from.

Anyway I was born on the 12th of January 1982 and have been dressing on and off all my life. As with a lot of people it started when I was a child wearing my mother's knickers and tights whenever I got the chance and she was not home.

I've always watched the way real girls dress and look and wondered why I wasn't born a girl so I could be like them too. I've enjoyed shopping with girlfriends more than they do most of the time. I know better than most of them the clothes that look good. Most of the time I look at clothes and think would I wear that if one day my dream came true and I woke up a real woman.(like that's going to happen!)

As for my look I just love the idea of dressing over the top and as tarty as possible and really love the fetish look but also like to dress like women in the real world a lot of the time as well. I get my clothes from anywhere and everywhere. I used to go into shops and make out I wanted to buy my girlfriend things. Now I get things on the internet but also go shopping as Nina which I love doing as things like shoes need to be tried on of course

Ok what else can I tell you before you get bored and just look at my photos?

Well for one thing most of my older photos here have been taken at a nearby dressing service called Sophie's in Bath (see links page). This is where I learnt to do my make-up too but I've not been there for several years now.

Do I go out dressed you ask?

Yes, lots,been going out since 2005, my first night out was a very boring TG meeting near Exeter and I haven't looked back since.

What do I like to do when dressed?

I used to love to go to big TV events and be the centre of attention but not now but I like to go to fetish/BDSM clubs as I'm very submissive and love nothing more than getting tied up and being spanked and of course I now work as Nina as a Pro sub and a Mistress as well as having my own paysite Naughty Nina which I'm constantly shooting new material for.

That's just a little bit about me; now go have a look round the rest of my site.

I just hope you enjoy looking at me as much as I enjoy being looked at.

There are TWO galleries of Nina here. The second one below features pics of Nina wearing the dress, petticoat, and panties that I personally picked out, bought, and sent to her !!!