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 Nina Lolilove  


 Name : Nina Lolilove

Age : 29 years old, born March 16, 1983… and Nina has one year, born February 5, 2011

Location : Northern France in a secret location

Status : Single

My passions : Music (playing guitar, DJ …), Sports (biking, running ….), Clothes, Makeup, Photography, Manga, Movie and many other things…

Height : 6′ (1,83 m)

Weight : 152 lbs (69 kg)

My measurement : Breast : 36,2″ (92 cm), Waist : 31″ (79 cm), Hips : 38,2″ (96 cm)

Eye Color : Light hazel

Hair color : Dark blond or Light brown (natural color)

My story:

I’ve always been a hyper active, during childhood I was too busy to playing, in adolescence to chasing girls, do stupid things and in adulthood, studies, work and love … In short, all that to say that I discovered very late Nina, or so I’m very silly and slow of mind

So, the big question is how Nina was born ?

In October 2010, I broke up with my girlfriend and for the first time in my life, I found me alone at my home. Some of these clothes had remained here that I have carefully stored in a box for return it as soon as possible, but this has never happened. The fault of someone at my work who told me one day on seeing me furtively : “Excuse me miss”. I was red with shame and quickly him too after realizing his mistake.
In the evening and having ruminated this altercation, I tried the affairs of my ex-girlfriend. Why? I don’t know, maybe to check the error of this person. Of course with very few clothes at my disposal, the result was not very convincing and a strange feeling of disappointment prevailed. Very quickly I decided to go further and from there I put my fingers in the gears.
After some internet research, I knew what to buy to begin and complete my look : a wig, shoes, makeup (bad quality), and many more …. And at the beginning February 2011, and some photos later, Nina was born.

Now :

Since my closets of clothes are becoming huge, and even, a room of my house is dedicated to the storage of skirts, shoes, dresses, lingerie, and many more.. in all styles and “delirium” that I like. In this piece, I even built a special cabinet for makeup.
With all these pretty things, I play the girl from time to time: take time to prepare me, make up, pick an outfit, take photos …. I love it and I feel good.
I cannot imagine this femininity that totally, out of the question for me to get dressed without my makeup, for example. In short, it’s all one or the all other. This is undoubtedly why I’m not usually Nina more often, the preparations are long and that time I miss.

Future :

I notice that Nina takes me more time, money and spirit. I often wonder how this will evolve. This is so new to me that many things jostling, I feel that everything goes too fast.
Now that Nina is in my life, how to manage my relationship ? I don’t really know, very few women who accept it completely.
Do I need to do more about going out, meetings ? Certainly, I think it’s an evolutionary logic, share these experiences, improve, …
Do I want to be more feminine? I don’t think, I love my current life, that means many things in the family, friends and work. I’m not ready for such change, but it’s like everything, things can evolve ….

My regular breaks are important to have the necessary perspective and take a lot of fun, without the fuss and is it not the most important, be yourself and enjoy the present moment ?



Click on Nina’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page. You can also click here to go to her website.