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 Olivia Loren  


Unlike many of our stories, mine does not begin with borrowing clothes from a Mother or Sister very early in life. Now, growing up most of my friends were girls and I played an awful lot of two-square, which was a game that seemed to have very few male players... but I was more of a geeky smart kid who just didn't pay much attention to issues of clothing and gender. Clothes were something I put on to avoid getting yelled at while my mind was out and about, and I really only noticed my body when it was sick or tired or otherwise getting in the way of my head. Most of my time was spent alone, and when it was not, it was with people who enjoyed my company, which more often than not was the girls...

Later I got married and made a bunch of babies, because that's what people do right? And things were fine, pretty "normal" so to speak. The spouse and I would play a bit here and there...nothing serious...toying with some ideas when we were both into it, not doing so when we were not. There were little flashes, then that time ended, and what was to be went on the shelf for a long time.

I came to discover Olivia in a similar fashion to which Max Eisenhardt discovered Magneto (X-Men for those of you not geeky enough). Now, I don't want to compare my particular trauma to his, that would be a bit overdramatic. But as my marriage was dissolving I felt despair and pain as I never had before. It was during that process that the thought...better to regret something you have done...than something you haven't done... crossed my mind....and I drove to Las Vegas and ventured out for my first time as Olivia.

I have a tendency to do my research and try to get things right the first time. I had a professional makeover, went out with a group of other girls, was showered with complements so continuously that I could have gotten away without using any blush. I had little confidence in my hotel that night...decided to change back before going back... and realized I had no makeup back to the questionable hotel girl from the neck up.... neck down not so much. After that, I'm comfortable being out just about anywhere that doesn't look like the Blue Oyster Bar from the Police Academy movies :)

I like to get out whenever I can, typically several times a month. I like going to new places, meeting new people, and ruining new songs via the crime against humanity that is Karaoke. I have attended the Keystone Conference, TG Wildside, Just You week, and will be at SCC this year. Had lots of fun at Keystone wearing my cute suit and informally helping a friend with her booth in the vendor area.

In something that will probably sound much more familiar... I am trying to figure out where all of this goes, actively seeking answers and willing to accept them once I get there...and having a fabulous time along the way :)


Click on Olivia’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.