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 Patricia Sanchez Monroe  


This is me, well, a part of me. I'm actually a man. Yes, a man of the most ordinary. I was born in Madrid, on May 1972, I am 40 years old (sigh, time passes so fast). My name is, well, the name is not important. I could be Roberto, Juan, Antonio, Pedro, Luis, Ivan, ... whatever. I am married and I have a daughter. Thank God, in this times of crisis in Spain, I have a job. You could say that I have it assured, but nowadays it is difficult to ensure that. I am a man like any other, with its peculiarities, the ones of being a man and the ones from my personality, but I have to say I'm an average guy. I like anything that can please the typical man: football, formula 1, video-games, ..., although I also like reading, movies, music (I love all kinds that have an electric guitar , Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Steve Vai, ..). I also love Springsteen’s music, but I enjoy all styles. From Heavy to as the most romantic, through rock or movie soundtracks. I also love movies, from the most romantic to the wildest. My favorite one is Conan the Barbarian. I'm loyal to my friends and I consider myself pretty noble, funny and outgoing. I'm not shy by any mean. I sing at karaoke, tell jokes at meetings, I always joking and i imitate characters and, as long as I’m not pissed, I'm usually always in a good mood. I have even participated a couple of times in TV shows.

Well, you see a regular Joe. Now comes the best, I LIKE DRESSING AS A WOMAN!! Earlier I said that my male name was not important, but the woman that I become sometimes is called Patricia, but my friends call me Patri or Paty. Well, this is me. Just a man with a hobby a bit special.

Click on Patricia’s portrait below to go to her Facebook page. You can go to her YouTube page by clicking here.