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 Paula Chester  


My name is Paula and I just love to dress. It all began as a child when a girl I played with dressed and made me up in her bedroom, bribing me with a jar of shiny buttons! As I grew older, further opportunities arose to dress, borrowing clothes from my sister, mother and even ones I found at school.

When I went to college I shared a house with three girls and took every chance I could to try on their clothes. However, it was only as an adult that I finally found the courage to buy my first wig and dabble with make up.

After years of visiting a lovely aromatherapist at a beauty salon I finally confided in her my secret cross dressing desires and she agreed to make me up properly. I could have cried when I saw myself for the first time. No longer would I be a closet TV, dressing hurriedly in the privacy of my own bedroom and bathroom, now I could share my femme self with another.

Since then I have found a number of dressing services and have discovered that I simply love to dress up. I will try on any outfit, hairstyle or make up look and am always delighted with the results. I think I am secretly addicted to fancy dress and love the opportunity Paula allows me to play?

Today I only get the chance to dress every now and again and I dream of outfits and looks and fantasize about going out dressed as Paula, something I have only managed to do in Manchester on three occasions.

Flickr has been a life line, as it has allowed me to post my favourite pics and receive comments and feedback from so many people. It has also broadened my mind, curiosity and dressing imagination, something I am eager to explore in the coming years.
When I dress I feel pretty, feminine and happy, emotions I hope I will continue to experience, however sporadically.

Lots of love

Click on Paula’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.