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 Paula Satin  


My name is Paula and I'm honored to be a cover girl for Rachel's beautiful feminine website.


I guess my story is similar to many T-ladies. I am a normal man and quite happy to be so but I have feminine feelings as well, which are both genuine and beautiful. Already as a young boy I liked to dress up secretly. Back then I thought that I was weird and was ashamed for my feminine feelings but over the years I came to realize that such feelings are not unusual at all and that they are in fact very precious! Think about it: simply dressing up fills me with intense joy; happiness is so easy for me. For me my feminine side is a blessing and a wonderful gift. I wish it can be like that for all T-ladies.


When I dress up I prefer femininity and elegance. I love to wear classy dresses and skirts, especially when they are made of colorful soft fabrics. My absolute favorites are silk and satin; these fabrics are so girly, feel so soft and look so glamorous and great. This is the reason why I chose my name to be Paula Satin.


Although I have been dressing all my life Paula was really born in December 1999. I still remember this vividly: I was in town and the Millennium celebrations were about to start so lots of party clothes were on display in the shops. I saw a party dress in a shop window and it was so beautiful that I just had to buy it! This was my very first dress and when I tried it on my life changed forever and my magic dresses addiction had started. There was no way back, fortunately! Soon I purchased more and more dresses and other feminine attire and today my cupboard is packed. I finally understand women: a girl can never have enough dresses and 10 pairs of shoes is not enough...


The dresses are not the most important though. Over the years I developed from a secret shy girl to an outgoing confident lady. This transformation took time but for me it proved to be the key to true happiness. Dressing alone at home is great, but going out as a lady, meet other ladies and just be yourself and feel accepted and appreciated adds so much extra joy. I hope this website can inspire and encourage other girls to feel confident and be happy. Dare to be yourself; you go girls!


You are welcome to visit my Flickr website, write me a mail or drop in for a cup of coffee if you are close to my home town Haarlem in the Netherlands. Finally I want to thank my T-girlfriend Esmi who supported me so much and still does.




Click on Paula’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.


Lingerie-Paula Satin

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