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 Paula Sheers  


My name is Paula Sheers

Dressing had always been with me since trying on things out of mum’s draws, why? I still don’t know why and I don’t ask anymore, it just felt nice and as I got to puberty it felt sexy too. My mum had me in her last 30s so I was weaned on a diet of proper stockings, early tights, slips girdles, bullet bras and nylon negligees.

I was caught so many times then, that I was made to feel I wasn’t normal and I put the desire to one side, after all girls were fun and I was sowing my oats at 18. I then met Amanda and we were together for 4 years, she loved wearing nylons and dressed real sexy.

I told her my kink, and she loved the idea and my dressing returned, mostly under my male thing s when went out and we had some amazing times.

Ive had many relationships since ,and have always told the ladies of my dressing. Some are ok about it, some not and that’s been my life till I bought a Laptop 10 years ago. I typed crossdressing and searched, and I was amazed at what I had discovered. Stunning ladies who were men like me, Id never even tried to be a girl, but I really wanted to give it a try and having just split from a violent woman. I decided it was something I had to do.

Im gonna be honest here, because I wasn’t expecting to to be so aroused by seeing other men in lingerie, my bi side had stirred too.

This was about 2006 and I’ve been Paula as often as I can since, though I do tend to keep her for dates and nights out, because I’ve found being smooth a real challenge.

I date men now too, its lovely being treated like a lady. I’m so glad i found Paula, thank god for the internet because she would never have happened otherwise. I live alone because I love the freedom and I’m glad I’m not risking hurting people I love by keeping my life private.

I’m so lucky that I look ok, I’m 75% deaf since my early 30s so I think I deserve some luck.

Love, Paula x

Click on Paula’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.

Paula is also a Lingerie Model here. Click on her Lingerie Model pic to see >>>

Lingerie-Paula Sheers