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Hi, I'm Penny

Just your average kinky t-girl into latex, pvc, leather and BDSM. I am tall and slim, size 12/14 with brown eyes and usually long brown hair.

I've not been crossdressing for long, kinda fell in to it from kinky roleplay when my missus dressed me up in a maid outfit. Something just clicked in my head and I was hooked. Suddenly had the urge to step things up two years ago, and I think I may finally be getting the hang of this trannying lark at last.

I like to go out and about dressed up at least once or twice a month, usually to Pink Punters as it's virtually my local. Much as I enjoy PP's, I want to visit new places too. I've recently been to Candygirls, Magic Theatre, LFF and had an amazing weekend at Sparkle.

I'm happy in guy mode 99% of the time, but I love exploring my feminine side every now and then. It's almost like having a sexy hobby. Some people like golf and fishing, I like crossdressing and BDSM.

Penny Stats:
Height: 6ft 4. I can't make myself any shorter unless I chop something off, so I just have to make the best of it.

Weight: 5 stone lighter than I was a couple of years ago.... I used to be a fatty until I went on the 'stop shoveling huge amounts of food into your face' diet! It seems to work.

Age: The middle aged geezer I'm related to is 44, but I'm sure I'm only 29... again.

Dress size: 12 bottom, 14 top... the classic tranny triangle!

Occupation: IT nerd. If people find out all we do is switch computers off and on to fix every problem, we're finished.

Hobbies: Fetish trannying of course... and travelling, sometimes I combine the two

Click on Penny’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.