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♥  Below is a gallery of photos of Petticoats. I’m just starting this, so if you have pics of yourself wearing a petticoat, just email me with them at A few petticoat pics are featured here with the full Gallery below. I just LOVE wearing a petticoat and I truly think it is us Tgirls that are keeping this type of lingerie alive today! Remember to keep scrolling down so you don’t miss anything - especially to view my “Petticoat Girls”  !!!

The pic below shows what are my favorite petticoats/slips/ Tiered nylon. If anyone knows where to get these, please email me at Thanks!!!

Below are what I will refer to as “Petticoat Tgirls”. Like me, these Tgirls love petticoats. If they have a web presence, just click on their pic to go there! If you’re here and do not want to be, just email me and off you will come.

Below is a gallery predominantly of Tgirls wearing petticoats ! To me, wearing a petticoat is so very feminine and I just love the feeling !!!

Tammy Trueheart

Cassidy Lynn

Bee Lira