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 Phyllis Teagle  


I am Phyllis Teagle and I am a transgender girl from California. I am honored to be here among the many beautiful awesome Cover Girls. Thank you Rachel. At age 4, I remembered wearing my first silk skirt and feeling excited and different. From then on, I just wanted to be a girl but I hid this from everyone.

Femininity is very important to me and while people with the XX chromosomes are born female, they have to make an effort to be feminine all through their lives. I am born with only one X chromosome and I choose to express my feminine side because of a strong inner feeling that I cannot explain. It seems that I'm always I thinking and dreaming about the next chance to go out as a girl. And when I do, I feel so liberated and excited, especially in nature, in the gorgeous flowering fields and at the quiet beaches at sunset.

I sincerely want to be accepted in public places for who I really am, a girl. Needless to say, I have great admiration for the transgenders that venture out into the general public dressed to the max. I live as a girl in my dream world on Flickr and I am so glad to have sisters and friends there. Through my photos and artwork, I hope to show the harmonious gentle soft feminine nature of transgenders. I have so much more to learn and I am humbled to encounter so many great teachers. Someday, maybe someday, my candid photos will show Phyllis having fun outdoors with people...

Celebrate femininity forever. Peace and happiness to you ! ♥

Click on Phyllis’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.