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 Rachel Morley  


Rachel Morley is a forty seven year old CDer who lives in Sacramento, California. She is one of the founding members of one of the biggest and most active TG support groups in Northern California, the River City Gems.

She first felt the enjoyment of being "different" when she would play with her best friend and neighbor, Rebecca, when she was six years old. They would often play dress up together and it was these formative years when Rachel found out she liked to feel pretty and enjoyed dressing in girls clothes. The feelings never went away, and if anything, they grew stronger and stronger as she grew older. Through her teens she had lots of opportunity to dress up at Halloween and various other themed costume parties, wherever possible, choosing to dress as a girl character. She often wanted to dress up more often but never did.

It wasn’t until Rachel's mid thirties that she realized that she needed to take things further and dress more often. Her first time fully dressed was via a “transformation store”, one of those places that specifically caters to crossdresser makeovers. She was hooked! Yet despite having plenty of opportunity to dress, living alone as she did, she didn’t fully embrace her crossdressing until she met her future wife on a CDing forum. Her wife, Marla, was looking to date a CDer before she met Rachel.

Rachel's wife not only supports and encourages her dressing but she enthusiastically participates in the fun! Together they have explored and developed Rachel’s female side and at first, joined the local Tri-Ess chapter but after one year they decided, along with other TG friends, to start their own support group and the River City Gems was born.

Marla and Rachel often go out together as “two girls”. Rachel says that apart from expressing her feminine side, she loves watching movies, drinking wine, eating vegan food, and going shopping for cute clothes!

Click on Rachel’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.