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 Renee Reyes  


 Where Live: Atlanta, GA
Where From Originally:
Owensboro, Kentucky. The home of beautiful horses and very fast women!
Hah! Yeah, Right. *Grin* Just teasing...strangely, I'm very comfortable with my age.
June 3, do the math
5'9: workable for my gender. Get me in a pair of 6" platforms + "big hair"? You're staring at a 6' 7" Amazon woman. *Grin*
165 lb...and fairly fit. Oh, give me a break - played football. Alas, I'll never be dainty.
Deep blue
Hair Color:
Light brown with red & blonde streaking...usually slightly more blonde in the summer. Whatever...*Laugh*
Is "Renee" your real name?
It's actually my middle name. Most people are aware it' derivation means: re-born. My birth name was "Rayvonne". Thus I was able to retain my given name since it's fairly androgynous. I now go by "Renee"...but I respond to most anything. *Smile*
Astrological Sign:
Gemini (Big surprise, huh?)
Do You have Children?:
Yep! Have a 12-year-old "adopted" niece...although I'm not sure just who - adopted whom. Also have a transgender teen in my life that's similarly important to me. Always wanted careful what 'ya wish for. *Smile*
Favorite Person in the World: My best friend: "Red"
Most Influential Person in my Life:
My mother
Favorite Quote:
"Life works out best, for those who make the best - out of how things work out"
Favorite Type of Person:
Highly intelligent - I'm a member of MENSA; Quick witted - prefer someone that keeps up with my bantering; A good sense of humor - can't take life too seriously; Passionate - about those things they relish.
People I Tend to Dislike:
Don't encounter many people I can't find a reason to enjoy. However, I get a little testy if I encounter racism or bigotry.
Favorite Meal:
This is kinda' twisted but my 'fave "meal"? A tasty vanilla latte. I drink way too much coffee.
Favorite Desert:
If it's chocolate? It's on my beloved desert list. *Grin*
Foods I Dislike:
Okra, cooked asparagus, zucchini, squash...and a couple of other vegetables that are difficult to pronounce.
My Passions:
Fashion - the scope of my wardrobe is 'kinda scary; helping others enjoy their alternative gender experience, my art collection, my ever-growing new family, and always trying to put a positive face on transgenderism.
Favorite Author:
Myself! Alas, I'm still waiting for the New York Times to let me know I've got a best seller...
Favorite Book:
Richard Bach's "Illusions". Second place? "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand: it profoundly affected my life during an important stage of my development.
Favorite Actor:
"Jack" - in almost every role he plays!
Favorite Actress:
Sophia Loren - enough said.
Favorite Artist:
Joseph Mallord William Turner...adore his luminous works at the Frick in NYC. Anybody got a spare Turner they want to loan me? *Grin*
Favorite Type of Art:
Pieces which vividly represent the human experience. I consider representations of "living" - to be the highest form of artistic expression. I'm also a sucker for the use of the color red in a piece of art. Want to know why? Me either...*Laugh*
Best Feature:
My legs - sadly, nothing else come close.
Most Distinguishing Feature:
My blue eyes - they'll melt you or scare 'ya to death - depending upon my mood.
Favorite Fetish:
"Hair" - the bigger the better. What can I say - I'm an 80's girl. Belts run a very close second...break into a sweat around killer belts. Shoes & purses tie for third.
Favorite Music:
Whew! That's tough. I run the gamut with musical interests. Pop, Jazz, Country, Classical - to me, great music, is just that - regardless of style or artist. However...if you flip on the radio in my car? It'll probably be tuned to a country music station. What else would you expect from a gal that grew up in a small town in Kentucky? *Smile*

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