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 Robin Lane  

Click on Robin’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.


Hi!  I’m Robin and you can find me doing Robin things. That mostly involves purple, sparkly, and fabulous!

I’m married and have kids. My spouse is aware and accepts that I get all dolled up, but we generally follow the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell framework. She supports me but doesn’t participate and generally prefers to ignore. I also have a teen daughter that is completely supportive and we often hang out together. There is nothing quite like the feeling of total acceptance.

I don’t know what my correct label is, but I think genderfluid is somewhere close. While I’ve spent most of my life locked deep in the closet, within the past few years I finally have taken the leap out into the big wide world. And sister, let me tell you, it’s wonderful!  I enjoy getting out as Robin as it gives me the opportunity to match the physical exterior with how I am feeling on the inside. I’m quite fortunate that I can get out frequently (and that my spouse supports me in that). 

I’ve found that getting out has shaped my wardrobe a fair bit. During the day I generally like to blend in, so that means a lot of casual styles which often include (gasp!) sneakers. 

At night and special events I like bodycon stuff and heels. I run a lot, so I skew towards shorter dresses and skirts to highlight the hard work while I still can. As I mentioned before, my favorites are purple, sparkly, and fabulous and I award bonus points when I can combine all three!

In addition to getting out into the physical world, social media (Instagram, Facebook, Flickr) have been absolutely fabulous tools to meet others, find support, and discover that I’m not alone in my experiences. I’ve meet some absolutely fabulous people that have turned into true friend to hang out with.