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 Rosemary Morris  



I am Rosemary, a friendly tgirl from Lancashire in England, and it was a lovely surprise to be invited by Rachel to appear as one of her lovely cover girls.

Unlike many girls my feminine side has only really emerged over last few years, but like a lot of girls once it started there was certainly no stopping it and with a lot of encouragement from girls I chatted to online I was soon taking my first hesitant steps out on the streets of North West England.  My first night out was a fabulous party in Blackpool with a lot of girls I had only previously met online.

Since that day I’ve found myself regularly out and about in a number of cities for nights out, and even the odd bit of daytime shopping including a couple of trips to London to see the bright lights.  My main stamping/tottering ground is however Manchester which is arguably the best and most varied tgirl nightlife in the UK with lots of different tgirl friendly clubs bars and restaurants.

I love to take lots of photographs and have built up a large album of shots in different places and fashions.  I like to dress stylishly, but also like to wear short skirts especially for clubbing.  Like most girls I guess, I find myself spending loads of time and money on makeup, shoes, lingerie and clothes as well as nights out.

I am a veggie and love a nice glass of red wine or a cocktail and one of my favourite places is enjoying a nice gin and tonic sat on a barstool in the Molly House in Manchester, UK.

As for the future, who knows, but at the moment I am enjoying this very special life.

Rosemary xxx

Click on Rosemary’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.